Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Greetings from me.

Just Dropped by to say hi, I am glad that you guys have been visiting my blog. Kurt maybe you can back up my blog like Mike was telling me about, I would like to not lose my little diary. I was talking to Mike the other night and I was thinking about a get together of some sort, I know it would be kinda difficult but it sure would be nice, I would even be willing to cook whatever you guys want, anyway think about it and if you have any good ideas lets talk. I hope everyone is doing ok, just an entry here but we have been tossing around the idea of opening a resurant here in town any ideas? Take care for now

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thank you from Jordan.

Jordan wanted to send a thanks to Linda and her family for the puppy kit, she had help from Liz and she wanted to show it off on the blog. Jordan has never made any stuffed animals before, I think that it is important to be able to do things like this. Here is a picture of the finished product Thanks again to Linda and her family.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Remember when......

I remeber this night well, it was Christmas Eve at Mikes house. Mike had a great little party with all kinds of good finger foods and the most excellent swiss cheese for the sandwiches. The thing I remember most is when Santa knocked at the door and came in wearing tennis shoes and sat down an proceded to attempt to open his bag, after about five minutes and tons of side comments from Mike he got it open. He then asked if there was someone named Cadanc which had me near tears. I wish it could have lasted longer. I am glad Mike tok the time to decorate his house so well. It will go down as one of the better Christmas Eve's

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Just a thought

Good morning, I am sitting here at work and I decieded that this blog will also make a great place to vent. I woke up early this morning and turned on the TV and caught part of the womens snowboard cross and in the finals was one of the americans, well if you followed the event you would know that we had a great shot at the gold. We were in the lead by a long shot and so our representitive decieded "showboat and wiped out, well after she got up she got the silver, Clearly it bothered her. After the race they interviewed her and she proudly lied I was out of controll and grabbed my board. What a lie, she clearly was showing off and fell it cost us the gold. Now dont get me wrong these people are great atheletes and I could never do this but they have to understand they represent the U.S. Any way thanks for listening and by the way Mike can you get Mom a link on my site??

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kurt Sandy and kids

Here is my brother in law Kurt and My sister Sandy and their family, this picture was taken at Mikes House in the summer of 05, . This day was like a family reunion, alot of ties were mended and issues resolved. P.S Kurt have you been working out?? Beautiful family guys.

A day at Ron's house

After a long day ad a hot one at that we decieded to go over to Ron and Callies House for some good food. Cadence wanted me to join him in the sandbox and we had a great time. Ron made a awsome turkey.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jordans 9th Birthday party

Happy 9th Birthday to Jordan, Thank you for all of those who attended and Jordan thanks you all for the wonderful gifts, Jordan was sad that Kurt and Sandy could not attend due to Sandy's Back all would have liked to have seen the kids, As for Linda and Nicks family we wished you could have came but it would be quite the journey. Jordan has been working on the Bear that she got from Linda and family, she is alost done and we will post pictures upon completion. Once again thanks for coming.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My second favorite pastime

Thanks to Mike I can post my pictures of the last hunting season, although we were not raised to hunt somehow I got the itch to try, I figured that I would take up what is considered the hardest way to hunt, Bow Hunting and if I mastered it I would follow up with rifle, I Bow hunt with a Mathews classic 60 lb compound bow, last year I purchased a Kimber 30 06 I took a total of 4 deer 1 with rifle opening day and 3 with my bow. Liz also decided to try her hand at rifle and we did not get her one last season but hopefully next year, for christmas she asked for and got a new compound bow and is patiently wating for opening bow season.

Happy Valentines day

Hello all, I just wanted to drop a line to say Happy Valentines day from our family, we recieved a package from Linda Saturday and I was just sitting here munching on some homemade cookies that she and her family made, very delicious Linda and family our family thanks you! If I can get off this couch I will have some homemade hot chocolate. If anyone has been reading this blog you could see that I really like putting our pictures on it and jotting down little notes. I hope all of you have a very nice Valentines Day. If any of you guys or gals did anything romantic for each other leave a comment or two take care for now.
Love Jim and family

Memories of my family

Although under the circumstance I look back at this day and I remember it quite well, I wish we had more of these times but not only when we have too, I hope that someday soon we can do this again.

Monday, February 13, 2006

More of our "what have we bought"?

Well here is a little more of the work on our humble abode, early this season I installed a wood burning stove in the living room(yes Mike I did take after Dad on this) I cut and split and stacked soo much wood when I was younger I guess It became second nature, Thanks Dad!!

An update of our house after a little work

Ok its not complete but it works for now, we did some remodling and we are still working to make a home of it.

Yard work in our new house

Here is Liz doing some yard work, we had alot of junk to get off of the awn before we could mow the grass.

More of our "what have we bought"

Here are some more pictures of the before product, It will be alot of work!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Our fixer upper

For most of you this is your first glimsp of our new home, this was taken when we first bought it. We decided to move to Proctor.

First Test Run.

Thanks to Mike we have finnally arrived on this Blog Thanks Mike.