Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Greetings from speedy

I was just sitting here the other day and I noticed how this cat named Speedy (adopted from Mike) has made himself right at home. He has a couple of favorite spots in the house, one is in front of the wood stove the other is on the top of the couch. He definetly has become part of our family and he wants to put a shout out to Mike Ann and Cadence.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Our latest storm

So I go out on Sunday and blow the snow out of the back and I had to move my sled. I was out fooling around and jumping snow banks. Liz was trying take pictures of me jumping but wasnt quick enough to catch me in mid air. This year I didnt put on a lot of miles maybe 250 tops but I did have fun. I think next year I will try to buy another sled because this one is made for quick take offs jumping and alot of tricks, It has a big bore kit, pipes, over 10 studs, modified clutch. performance carbs and neon. I will try to buy a touring sled next year and a new trailer. I wish I could get my brothers out of the house more to ride with me. I had to do some work around the house this afternoon, we cleaned the stove and chimeny what a mess. It was starting to snow tonight when I started working on the Blog.

I Miss my Dad

Just a short note to get some feelings out of my mind, as I was going through my pictures I found this picture of dad and myself and just was thinking how much time I spend avoiding my thinking about ol buddy being gone, I was able to show him my guns for hunting and My bows on this day, I had dad and mom over for dinner we had a few beers and tried our best to chat and although I never wanted to see him suffer I wish he was still here so I could see the looks on his face that he would give and hold his hand while he would try his best to squeeze mine the hardest. As a new fishing season comes upon us I will spend alot of time reflecting about dad and being glad he was able to teach me a sport I love so much. I miss you dad.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hello everyone

Just dropping a little entry here to say hi to the family, didnt do alot today it was the end of the month yesterday at work and that is always the busy times. I have to say as long as I have been in the car business the rumor that the end of the month is the best time to buy a car is true. We work extra hard to make our quota and I do whatever it takes to get it, so if you are going to buy a car do it at the end of the month, the very last day is always best. I have not spoke with anyone lately except Mike called today we didnt have a whole lot to talk about but as always it is good to talk to him, I will check his blog to see if he has made an entry lately. Talk to you guys later