Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My latest venture UP NORTH ARCHERY!

For all those who are not yet up to speed of what I have been doing, I am attempting to follow a hobby and dream of mine. To open an archery shop. I do not know where this comes from being that we did not grow up doing this. I remember the day I asked to borrow a bow from my boss so I could hunt and I have never looked back. Currently this has only been a business that is operated on the internet and out of our garage. I hope to expand to opening a real store somewhere with a indoor outdoor 3d archery shooting range. This picture by the way is the first newspaper ad to be ran this weekend.

The other family members

Here are a few of our other family members, Mr Buns, Princess, Max T and Speedy all of them get along very well.

Summer of 2008 pictures

Well just a few shots of some summer fun. It is absolutely beautiful living on a lake. However it isnt the same without family closeby to enjoy it with!

My 2008 Bio Logic food plot

So this year I decided to take about an acre on our back lot and till it up put down some lime to get the ph levels correct add some fertilizer and grow a food plot for the deer to eat! It consists of oats Rape grass clover and Perenials. I water it every night with the nitrogen rich lake water and after some time it grew well. This is one of my first diners a six point buck!

The fishing machine

So here is my completed project of a boat plenty of room for 4 or 5 people to fish out of. It is powerd by a 100hp Johnson and a 10 Hp mercury for trolling. It is a good deep water boat and handles well in rough water, I hope to get it to the St louis one of these years to do some good walleye fishing.

Fun in the sun 2008

Here are the girls taking a ride in the tube, I have never been tubing but they say its fun. Normal speed in the tube is about 20mph but as you corner at 20mph the tube goes 30Mph I hear it hurts when you fall off. Liz cant take the jumps in the big waves however Jordan really likes it/