Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My latest venture UP NORTH ARCHERY!

For all those who are not yet up to speed of what I have been doing, I am attempting to follow a hobby and dream of mine. To open an archery shop. I do not know where this comes from being that we did not grow up doing this. I remember the day I asked to borrow a bow from my boss so I could hunt and I have never looked back. Currently this has only been a business that is operated on the internet and out of our garage. I hope to expand to opening a real store somewhere with a indoor outdoor 3d archery shooting range. This picture by the way is the first newspaper ad to be ran this weekend.

The other family members

Here are a few of our other family members, Mr Buns, Princess, Max T and Speedy all of them get along very well.

Summer of 2008 pictures

Well just a few shots of some summer fun. It is absolutely beautiful living on a lake. However it isnt the same without family closeby to enjoy it with!

My 2008 Bio Logic food plot

So this year I decided to take about an acre on our back lot and till it up put down some lime to get the ph levels correct add some fertilizer and grow a food plot for the deer to eat! It consists of oats Rape grass clover and Perenials. I water it every night with the nitrogen rich lake water and after some time it grew well. This is one of my first diners a six point buck!

The fishing machine

So here is my completed project of a boat plenty of room for 4 or 5 people to fish out of. It is powerd by a 100hp Johnson and a 10 Hp mercury for trolling. It is a good deep water boat and handles well in rough water, I hope to get it to the St louis one of these years to do some good walleye fishing.

Fun in the sun 2008

Here are the girls taking a ride in the tube, I have never been tubing but they say its fun. Normal speed in the tube is about 20mph but as you corner at 20mph the tube goes 30Mph I hear it hurts when you fall off. Liz cant take the jumps in the big waves however Jordan really likes it/

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another update

Well after some time I was able to cut the boards after I treated them with water seal I poured new foam in the floor and carpeted the new boards with marine carpet. I am not putting in a dual console like the original configuration. I have also ordered a new smoked windshield

and leather seats.

Update of the boat project

So Anyway here is my project so far. I put 3 coats of black paint and 2 coats of clear. I also ordered the 2008 graphics package for this boat right from the factory, now all I have left is the hardest part....the inside.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

More of my boat project!

So Here is a closer look at the gutted boat project, I am going to put in all new floors and carpet and hopefully it will be like new, I never thought I would go this far to make this boat the way I wanted it lets hope I can get it back together.

My boat updated!

Ok so here is my update of my boat project, I dont know what the heck got into me but I gotta make this work out, I started by pulling everything out of the boat,this is gonna get rough!

My Boat Project!

Ok so I asked a friend of mine to see if he could find me a boat at least 18.5 foot long and this is what he found me. I was privledged to use Mikes boat last year but had to return it so he could fish this year, I am going to have a heck of a time to make this the boat I want. Keep in mind I paid $2000 for this gem.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

A small tribute to my dad on his birthday. I often think of dad and frequently dream of him. I guess I really never knew how much of an impact he had in my life. Many stories I tell of dad are of the the worst times because looking back they are quite funny or maybe its my way of dealing. Truth be known dad has taught me how to be a better person and how to be disciplined and help other people. I often find myself in some of the same ordeals as dad was and I try to think of what advice hes has given me and try to make the best decision. I think dad in his heart always had the best intentions but somethings just didnt turn out right and I think that I see that in me to this day, I mean well but sometimes I dont make the best decisions, anyway enough for now but I leave on this note, I am on my way to go fishing I wish I could call dad and say hey buddy come on out to the icehouse and go walleye fishing with me for a while.. I miss you dad and I wish you were here, Happy Birthday dad.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Mother Tinsley comes to Brainerd

It was very nice to be able to have mom up for Thanksgiving this year (2007) I believe she had an enjoyable stay. We took a long ride in the pilsbury state forest and although the weather was cold Mom Liz and Jordan spent the majority the day shopping in Nissawa at the small shops. Her she is in the picture getting her hair done and a couple of pictures from the winter wonderland.

Just a few more pictures of this years deer 2007

Jordan thought she would like to get into the picture she also asked as she does every year "dad can I have the tail"? The ten pointer will take about a year to get back but I cant wait!

Friday, December 07, 2007

My Hunting season 2007

Well another deer hunting season has come and finally has ended with being able to shoot a big body 4 pointer and just the other day a 10 point buck that is on its way to the butcher and the taxidermist to be mounted. This was the biggest deer I have ever shot in my life. It had just stopped snowing and I saw this deer come out in the open, I took a shot with the Bow and must have missed. I went back after I found out that I had missed and got the muzzle loader rifle and waited he re appeared and I took the shot. Well here is the fruits of my labor. This was shot in the woods in our backyard. Liz helped look for it with me and helped drag it to the garage where we cleaned it and hung it. So I guess its time to put away the bow and guns and get out the ice house and auger and start ice fishing.