Thursday, September 13, 2007

A little more of the good life

Sorry to keep wanting to post but here are a few more pictures. One is of the first corvette I have ever gotten to come close to owning its like owning because I get to drive what I want. Second is the entry of the our driveway man I gotta get a plow. Third is of my lawn mower, I also have a JD Tractor. Liz and Jordan are also doing great!

So here is the first view of the new Tinsley estate, a picture that might look familiar to Mike ol tippy the boat, just joking its been a great blessing to use it thanks Mike. Well thats it for now Take care

Its all Good in Brainerd

Hello from Brainerd MN I will try to be on the blog more as time goes on. We have pretty much settled in for now getting ready for the hunting season, here are a few generic pictures some of the storm we had and one view is off the deck of the house. See ya later