Sunday, January 07, 2007

A night to remember

Before Christmas we wen to Bentlyville and Although it was alittle brisk outside I had alot of fun with the family, it takes quite a person with christmas spirit to decorate like they do. Anyway I had fun.

The latest hunter in the family

Jordan really wanted a bow for christmas this year as she wants to be able to hunt as soon as she is old enough. I hope she finds out that she likes it. I will buy her her own rifle when she is old enough or when she feels she is ready, I hope that I can pass on this sport to her.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fun times with my family

Just sittig back thinking of how much fun it was for the family to time the time to get together and just hang out and do something fun, maybe this is what normal families do but it means a whole lot to me because we did not do this sort of stuff when we were growing up! Thank you to all that made this weekend possible, I hope we can maybe all get together in the future possibly spring or summer! How about a big family camping trip?

More of my latest hobby

Today I bought a new vexilar fishfinder wasnt cheap but I am sure that it will payoff in the long run, I cant believe that I have not taken advantage of this sport in the years past. If you ever get the chance get out and enjoy.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My New Sport

Its been sometime since I hit the blog, I apoligize for that, I was blessed by my wonderful wife to get ice fishing gear for christmas. Now keep in mind I vowed that I said I would never do this sport, never say never. I went out on new Years eve and New years day I did pretty good al things considered. I am trying to get Mike out there I is about a foot thick on Rice lake.