Saturday, December 08, 2007

Mother Tinsley comes to Brainerd

It was very nice to be able to have mom up for Thanksgiving this year (2007) I believe she had an enjoyable stay. We took a long ride in the pilsbury state forest and although the weather was cold Mom Liz and Jordan spent the majority the day shopping in Nissawa at the small shops. Her she is in the picture getting her hair done and a couple of pictures from the winter wonderland.

Just a few more pictures of this years deer 2007

Jordan thought she would like to get into the picture she also asked as she does every year "dad can I have the tail"? The ten pointer will take about a year to get back but I cant wait!

Friday, December 07, 2007

My Hunting season 2007

Well another deer hunting season has come and finally has ended with being able to shoot a big body 4 pointer and just the other day a 10 point buck that is on its way to the butcher and the taxidermist to be mounted. This was the biggest deer I have ever shot in my life. It had just stopped snowing and I saw this deer come out in the open, I took a shot with the Bow and must have missed. I went back after I found out that I had missed and got the muzzle loader rifle and waited he re appeared and I took the shot. Well here is the fruits of my labor. This was shot in the woods in our backyard. Liz helped look for it with me and helped drag it to the garage where we cleaned it and hung it. So I guess its time to put away the bow and guns and get out the ice house and auger and start ice fishing.