Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Our latest storm

So I go out on Sunday and blow the snow out of the back and I had to move my sled. I was out fooling around and jumping snow banks. Liz was trying take pictures of me jumping but wasnt quick enough to catch me in mid air. This year I didnt put on a lot of miles maybe 250 tops but I did have fun. I think next year I will try to buy another sled because this one is made for quick take offs jumping and alot of tricks, It has a big bore kit, pipes, over 10 studs, modified clutch. performance carbs and neon. I will try to buy a touring sled next year and a new trailer. I wish I could get my brothers out of the house more to ride with me. I had to do some work around the house this afternoon, we cleaned the stove and chimeny what a mess. It was starting to snow tonight when I started working on the Blog.


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