Friday, June 16, 2006

Going to grab the Horns!!!!!

One Day out of the blue I get this call with a familiar number, I answer it and it is the owner of Duluth Dodge. He is requesting that we meet, well after the meeting I declined his offer and went back to my present job at Kia. Honestly after going back to work I felt I had made the wrong choice oh well. About a month later I get another call stating that I was being heavily recruited by Duluth dodge againand that they really needed me to get the store back on track from where I left it, I figured If I was that valuable why not go all out. With nothing to lose and all to gain I countered their offer and negotiated a great deal, I am currently starting back there on Monday 19 June 06, I guess it was a small taste of what sports professionals go through when being recruited. I hope I do well as the have worked hard to get me to move. Wish me Luck!!


At 5:29 AM, Blogger Kurt Schroeder said...

Interesting recruitment story, but you are pretty ballsy for putting it on your blog. Tell them you need a Viper for your company car.


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