Saturday, April 21, 2007

Our Mexico Trip

14-18t h Apr.
We took a small vacation to Mexico, Last year we went to Cabo San Lucas and this year we went to Plya Del Carmen. I spent the majority of the trip with a stomach ache. The Hotel we stayed in was a top of the line hotel in which was all inclusive, 24 hour room service 5 Resurants clubs and night shows were just a few of the things that were included. Playa was a short walk from the hotel in which had nice shopping and it was nice to be noticed as Shaqueal Oneal, Big brother, Daunte Cullpepper, Cheeseburger eddie just to name a few. I enjoyed daily hand rolled cuban cigars and Mojito drinks daily. We took a ferry ride to Cozemel and rented a Jeep wrangler and Drove the Island and shopped, driving in Mexico is a real treat, just remember to act like you are the only driver on the road and you will be just fine. The weather was just right most of the time, I have burnt skin and a burnt scalp, Liz was also burnt. I have to say this was the far best trip yet!



At 6:26 AM, Blogger Kurt Schroeder said...

That sounds like a great place to stay. When we went to Puerto Vallarta we stayed at a time-share place but we had to buy all our own meals. I wanted to rent a car not only did Sandy think it was a bad idea, but when I asked about a car rental they asked me if I wanted to "buy time share". We definitely want to go back, as that was a very relaxing vacation. Beautiful weather and good food, too. Nice pictures!


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